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Generator Dealer

  • Hydrogen Gas Generator

    We are the exclusive distributor of Claind, Italy Gas Generators in India. Specification: • Available in three models for gas flows of 200-400-600 nml/min • Thanks to the guaranteed high purity (>99.9995%) HyGen can be used both to supply Detectors and to supply carrier gas (up to 15 FIDs or up to S/S Gcs + FID) • Hydrogen delivery pressure of up to 8 bar which allows Brezza units to be used also for "FAST GC" • Equipped with the innovative HT PEM cell, with reliability certified by Proton Energy Systems • Extreme safety guaranteed also by the innovative controller software which can be interfaced with the CPU or PCs for remote control • Prolonged operating time without interruptions • Extreme ease of filling the removable water tank • Accessory to allow replacement of the final filter element without contaminating the hydrogen outlet line with air For more information, visit our website:

Microwave Digestion System

  • Microwave Digestion System

    QLABPro Close Vessel Microwave Digestion QLABPro provides versatility, safety, productivity in closed and open vessel microwave digestions, microwave extraction, microwave evaporation, and microwave synthesis system. The system monitors the temperature and pressure of each digestion vessel and has user-independent safety features guarantee safe digestions. Offers >Ideal for digestion, extraction, evaporation and synthesis >User-independent safety features ensure safe digestions >Rotating antenna, 360° carousel and unique cavity design provides uniform microwave distribution >Corrosion-proof PTFE-coated reinforced cavity >Microwave power output in small increments for precise temperature control >Spring-loaded door latches for enhanced safety >Up to 1200 Watts power output in small increments >Selection of microwave digestion system vessels to cover wide spectrum of applications >Built-in temperature and pressure monitoring of each digestion vessel >Option of sensor vessels for in-situ temperature and pressure measurement >Controlled release of over pressure to avoid cross-contamination >Use in temperature and power mode >Comes with preloaded EPA and other standard digestion methods >Automatically protects against unusual heating of vessels >150 CFM exhaust for fumes removal and vessels cooling >Maximum temperature up to 300°C

Nitrogen Evaporators

  • Nitrogen Evaporator

    We are the distributor of Organomation (Nitrogen Evaporators, Solvent Evaporators, Solvent Extractor)products in India. a. N-EVAP Product Line Description: Organomation's nitrogen evaporators (N-EVAPs) are extremely well suited for numerous sample preparation methodologies. They have created a diverse product line with instruments ranging from six to forty-five sample positions. Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators utilize adjustable nitrogen blow down technology allowing full control of nitrogen flow to samples, with no wasted nitrogen gas. They combined this technology with uniform efficient heat applied through either water or dry baths. This simultaneously maximizes solvent evaporation in the samples being concentrated and saves the lab money. Organomation’s instruments are the most reliable in the field, but if they ever do break down, we provide affordable repair services for all of our instruments and baths. b. MULTIVAP Product Line Description: Organomation's MULTIVAPs are ideal for concentrating large batches of samples, and are used in numerous sample preparation methodologies. The 9, 30, 48, and 80 position units are available in high temperature dry block models, while the 64 and 100 position models utilize our classic water bath to maximize sample evaporation. Nitrogen gas is delivered to each sample via individual stainless steel needles connected to the hand built gas distribution manifold. All of Organomation’s MULTIVAPs include a built in timer to shut heat and nitrogen gas off for maximum efficiency. Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators utilize adjustable nitrogen blow down technology allowing for full control of nitrogen flow to samples, with no wasted nitrogen gas. They combine this technology with uniform heat applied efficiently through either water or dry baths. This technique saves labs money by simultaneously maximizing solvent evaporation volume and rate.

Refrigerated & Heating Circulators

  • Refrigerated & Heating Circulators

    We are the leading distributor of Labo (Refrigerated & Heating Circulators, Chiller, Calibration Bath, Viscosity Bath, Water Bath) Products in India. Refrigerated & Heating Circulators: C Series, S Series, P Series, B Series, H Series. a. C Series Specification: C (Compact) series circulators are used for precise temperature studies with cooling and heating features. The Labo C series models are preferred for general purpose production, R&D and quality control processes because of their practical structure. The Labo C series have digital PID temperature control system and can be easily viewed even from a long distance with its large size Led LCD screen. Internal liquid circulation feature is standard for all models. If external liquid circulation is requested, the models which have external liquid circulation feature should be preferred. All Labo refrigerated circulators work with environmentally friendly refrigerants (No CFC) that do not damage the ozone layer. For more information visit our website:

Water Purification Systems India

  • XTRAPURE Lab Water System

    Description: XtraPure LAB Water System provides you a reliable and compact system which produces Ultra-Pure Water System always ensures high comfort at low operating cost. XtraPure Water System is equipped with reverse osmosis (RO) and additional filtration system to produce de-ionized water. The deionized water can be dispensed straight from the reservoir. Further, Ultra-Pure Water is produced with a combination of optimized cartridges with UV & polishers. Other special polishers & 0.2 μm filter makes water XTRAPURE. • System comes with a touchscreen display with log book, alarm, and print (optional) facility. • Display shows online conductivity & temperature of feed & XtraPure water. • The input water required is DM water / RO water or Municipal Water. • Easy to install, repair, plug and play. • Suitable for Indian Conditions. • Very low consumable cost. • Systems have calibrated conductivity meters. • Design of the instrument is electrically and electronically safe as the control box never comes in touch with water which enhances safety. *Note: We customize the XTRAPURE LAB Water Systems as per the customer’s requirement.

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